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What is Machine?

A device having a combination of stationary and moving parts constructed for the useful purpose of generating, transforming and utilizing mechanical energy.


The various type of machines are as given below

  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Milling Machine
  3. Drilling Machine
  4. Slotter Machine
  5. Shaper Machine etc.

What is Design?

To innovate and to create is known as Design.

In case of designing a machine component or a machine or a process, it is essential to have a knowledge of different subjects, such as:-

What is Machine design?

A process of achieving a plan for the construction of a machine that work safely, reliably and well is known as Machine Design.

Classification of Machine Design.

The classification of Machine Design is as given below:-

That are described below:-

  • Rational Design :- Rational design is based on the principles of Mathematics and Mechanics. In this type of Design different types of relations are studied in the solid of mechanics for to design the dimensions of an element.
  • Empirical Design :- In this type of design, design is carried out with help of empirical formulae which is based on previous past experience and existing practices.
  • Combined Rational & Empirical Design:- it is a combination of Rational and empirical Approach for doing a design.
  • New Design :- In this type of design, design is started from the scratch and

Need of lot of research , technical ability and creative thinking.

  • Developed Design :- This type of design starts from the existing design. In this type of design considerable design abilities and scientific training are needed.
  • Industrial Design:- In this type of design, any machine or component of a machine is manufactured is considered as priorities.
  • System Design:- This type of design is used in complex systems like production industries, process industries and automobile industries etc.
  • Optimum Design:- In this type of design, maximum efficiency is increased by decreasing the cost of men, machine and material in the best possible manner is termed as optimum design.

If you want to watch a lecture on this topic (Machine Design) in Hindi, click on the link below:-

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