Design process of a machine

machine design




Design process has following phases as shown in the diagram:

Design process

The phases are explained below in detail:

1. Need or aim

In stage one of Design process, make a statement of the problem indicating the need or aim for the purpose of machine is to be designed. It is defining step in the design process.


2. Synthesis/Mechanism

In Stage second, select the possible mechanism or group of mechanism which will give the desired motion of a machine component or help to perform operation by machine.


3. Analysis of Forces

In the third stage find the forces acting on each member or part or component of the machine and the energy transmitted by the each member or component or part of the machine.


4. Material Selection

In the stage fourth select best material for each component or part or member of the machine.


5. Design of Element

In stage fifth find out the size of each part or component or member of the machine by considering the forces acting on the each Member or part or component and the permissible stresses for the material used in machine members.

It should be kept in a mind that each part or member or component of the machine should not be deformed under the stresses more than permissible limit since it is not suitable for the parts.


6. Modification

In this stage the components of the machine are modified by the consideration of manufacturing to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing.


7. Detailed Drawing

In this stage the detailed drawing of each component of the machine and the assembly of the machine with complete specification for the manufacturing processes is suggested.


8. Production

In this stage the component as per the drawing is manufactured in the workshop.

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