A Cantilever beam carrying a uniformly distributed load

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Watch my new video titled “A Cantilever beam carrying a uniformly distributed load”. This video describes how to determine Shear Force diagram and Bending moment diagram of a Cantilever beam carrying a uniformly distributed load at the full length. The topic is explained with the help of the theoretical concepts and numerical example.

SFD stands for Shear force diagram. It can be made from the loading diagram of the cantilever beam. To draw this diagram , we have to find out the reactions. Then the vertical components of forces and reactions are added one after another from the left end of the beam using sign conventions .

The shear at a section is always equal to the sum of all the vertical forces to the left of the section.

In using the sum procedure, the shear force diagram should give the shear (reaction at right end of the beam) which was calculated earlier, at the end. There is no shear force beyond the last vertical force or reaction. In this way, we can check our mathematical calculations.

BMD stands for Bending Moment Diagram. To draw the bending moment diagram, we move continuously along the length of beam from the left hand end and add the areas of shear force diagrams considering sign conventions. The process of obtaining the moment diagram from the shear force diagram by addition is similar to the process for drawing shear force diagram from load diagram.

The topic is from the subject ‘ Strength of materials’ and is useful for students of all Engineering students in mechanical and civil branches.


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